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Dodge Diesel Truck Tour Buddy

Tour Buddy Systems - Fuel Tanks For Trucks
Our system consists of up to four (4), 11 US gallon tanks that fit in front of and behind the inner wheel well inside the bed or box and are plumbed together and then feed the main fuel tank.

The Tour Buddy tanks are controlled by limiting the vent that allows air into the tank when fuel is drained out. This is accomplished by installing two fittings in the trucks main fuel tank at 3/4" to 1 " below the top on the side of the tank on plastic tank models or a special fill pipe adaptor with the two fittings if you have a steel tank.

Tour Buddy Systems - Fuel Tanks For Trucks

We then attach the fuel transfer line that comes from the bottom of the auxiliary tanks to one fitting and the other line marked VENT that goes to the top of each auxiliary tank to the other fitting. When the truck has used enough fuel so that the level drops below the level of the two fittings in the main tank, air rushes up the vent and fuel runs out the transfer line filling the main tank. When enough fuel has entered into the main tank to cover the two fittings in the main tank the fuel stops the air going into the auxiliary tank, when that happens the flow of fuel from the auxiliary tank stops.

Tour Buddy Systems - Fuel Tanks For Trucks

This process will continue till the auxiliary tanks are empty. It is a simple process that you can duplicate at home with a small jerry can full of water. Fill an open pail half full of water and fill a small jerry can full of water screw the spout on the can , remove the vent cap on the jerry can and start pouring the water into the open pail. If you put your finger over the vent the water will stop flowing, if the spout is submerged in the pail no water will flow as long as you control the vent.

Each tank comes with a aluminum diamond plate cover and a ratcheting non-vented filler cap along with all the necessary parts to setup the system. Instructions include lots of pictures and details to aid you with the installation.

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All systems come complete with instructions and everything necessary for installation.
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